Kristin Simmons

Relationship Manager

Armed with a heart of gold and a genuine willingness to help others succeed, Kristin Simmons excels for those she serves as Relationship Manager at Presidio Group Wealth Management. Clients recognize Kristin as a born leader who is always in their corner to overcome whatever challenges they face, as well as her versatile approach and deep experience in financial services.

Throughout her 20 years in the industry at places like Bank of America, Mechanics Bank, and Merrill Lynch, Kristin has never stopped learning new proficiencies to better grow client relationships. Her best talents are in being a reliable professional who stays on top of tasks and is committed to always following through when helping clients bring their dreams into reality. Whatever the situation, Kristin’s ultimate goal is to ensure smooth sailing and leave every stakeholder happy.

A native of Oakland, CA, Kristin now enjoys this crazy thing called life in Tucson, AZ. Outside of the office, you’ll find her being a part-time Uber driver transporting her kids to various sports, hiking the terrain, or hitting the gym. With a closely held family-is-everything attitude that was handed down by the strong women who came before her, Kristin puts a heavy emphasis on spending quality time ‘filling her bucket’ with her loved ones and friends. Not traditionally a runner, it was especially momentous for her to have completed a half marathon. When you see Kristin, be sure to ask about her favorite kind of coffee or Michael Bublé song – she has opinions!

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